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Christian Bitz is one of Denmark’s most popular keynote speakers. His specific guidelines for a healthier daily life are both innovative and highly entertaining.


In his new keynote, “Quality,” Bitz puts the good life into perspective. A life in which health is central to our quality of life; but how much emphasis should we put on health? Healthy habits do not come around on their own, and there is not one absolute truth about health.


Bitz has been on two sold-out tours around the country with his latest show “Imperfect,” which is based on the best-selling book of the same name. Once and for all, Christian Bitz does away with the myth of the perfect life. You will leave the show with the tools that you need to find your healthy balance and a life free from health guilt.

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Look forward to refreshing inspiration for a vigorous daily life. With a previously unseen mix of science and humor, Bitz gives his participants a solid foundation for creating a healthy life in which we want to get up when the alarm goes off and are able to fall asleep when we intend to sleep. A life that allows our bodies and brains to function optimally, and wherein we have the ability and motivation to perform every day!

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